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watershed Block diagrams

  • Awareness-raising tool for employees and stakeholders

  • Customized to highlight key impacts and stories in the areas and watersheds that matter to your business

  • Provides a common reference point for watershed discussions, collaborative efforts and action opportunities

  • Can be used at stakeholder discussions, with Alliance for Water Stewardship certification audits and for media to give a simple way to understand and explain the complex topics of water stewardship

stakeholder engagement

  • Bring together key organizations and people from the catchment

  • Ensure an equal level of awareness and understanding of the watershed and issues

  • Offer a field tour component to view successful programs firsthand

  • Develop as interactive while incorporating presentations from local experts

  • Create a jumping-off point for collaborative efforts

Digital tools

  • Provide a touchstone for all water stewardship awareness activities

  • Highlight key impacts and basic watershed data

  • Provide basic understanding of water stewardship as well as goals and methods for stewardship

  • Make connections through interviews with collaborators and experts, forums for stakeholder discussions, links to local communities and more

  • Offer complementary materials such as brochures, social media posts, white papers, news stories, etc. available

  • Engage with learning activities that illustrate the science behind your company’s impacts and highlight other important data


Customized new materials and content generation

  • Extend your outreach through the active involvement of diverse water experts and key stakeholders

  • Localized watershed stewardship learning activities support collective action to address high-priority, high-value water topics

  • Existing library of adult education learning methods cover water issues including: wetlands, watersheds, water conservation, the water cycle, water quality, water monitoring, sanitation, water reuse and more

action-oriented education

  • Empower employees and community members, benefit key watersheds and provide valuable CSR metrics through:

    • Wetland restoration

    • Watershed trash clean-up

    • Water audits

    • Stormwater retention

    • Rainwater harvesting

    • Recycling

    • Watershed stewardship innovation and other contests